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T&T Auto is an established and respected transport towing business, having many years of serving daily truckers and long-haulers in the Woodstock, NB and Grand Falls, NB area. We’re family owned and operated with a reputation for fast response and friendly service. We believe in treating our customers fairly and with the highest ethical standards. No matter if you're a trucker passing through or a local operator, you can be sure you’ll receive true Maritime hospitality.

We offer a number of services and specializations including:

  • Towing large equipment and transports
  • Ditch retrieval and yarding heavy trucks
  • Transport and trailer recovery
  • Turning over trucks and trailers
  • Roadside transport repairs
  • Diesel mechanic repairs
  • Shop services

With heavy towing trucks equipped with the gear needed to get your rig out of the ditch and to a shop, you can take care knowing we have a full range of offerings.

When you’re driving on your own or in an unfamiliar place it can feel daunting to know where to turn or who to call. Traveling on roads in the Woodstock and Grand Falls, NB area can range from logging trails to clear highways; and when accidents happen or breakdowns take place, you can be sure T&T Auto’s heavy duty towing is the top choice for your heavy truck emergency.

Heavy Truck Services

Have our professional and experienced operators look after you and your rig.

Heavy Duty Towing

Our trucks and equipment will get your transport back on the road and back to work.

Transport Recovery

We have the ability to turn over trucks and trailers, and retrieve from deep ditches, and sticky spots.

Roadside Diesel Mechanic

When there’s need for mobile transport repair, our operators are stocked and ready to assist breakdowns.

Diesel Mechanic Shop

We offer local repairs and services just around the corner to get you up and running.
Heavy Towing in the Summer
Depending on the seasons of the year you may require different services. During the summer weather tires can heat up and cause blow-outs, and we've been called many times to help drivers tow their transport to a local shop.

In our experience, brakes can also become an issue with dust or mud not allowing them to clamp properly. Sometimes faulty airlines will cause a break to engage and overheat the rim which again causes tires to blow. Maxi-pots are regularly seen to be the source of tire issues as well. When they fail it will cause tires to lock up and drag on the highway. In situations like this, you will need to call a heavy duty tow truck to safely move your truck to the side of the road for repair or tow it to a local shop.

When improper breaking methods are used on hills this can also cause break issues. Brakes will heat up and then lose their ability to stop tractor trailers, and in most cases transports will require towing or at minimum roadside repair to replace damaged parts. In worst-case scenarios, we've seen overheated tires catch fire, which could potentially catch the transport or the trailer on fire. In any case, heavy duty towing services will be needed to remove the broken down tractor trailer.

Fortunately, we’re on call 24/7 because these types of emergencies can happen at any time.
Transport Retrieval in the Spring & Fall
Logging roads and backroads in Woodstock and Grand Falls can become fairly soft and torn up in the fall and spring of the year. Sometimes logging trucks can lose traction which either causes them to be stuck in place or slide off the road. In these situations one of our specialized tow trucks would be needed, it has a telescopic boom and winch to retrieve or tow transports to solid ground. To avoid getting stuck or sliding into a ditch make sure you examine your tire tread before venturing off-road.
Tractor Trailer Recovery in the Winter
In the wintertime heavy duty towing services can change slightly. Icy roads, heavy snow, and poor road conditions can cause tractor trailers to run into the medium or ditch of a highway. In this cold season is where we see most transports overturned from hitting banks or steep slopes as they leave the road. Turning a transport back over is no easy task, it takes experience, special recovery equipment, and sometimes even multiple tow trucks to retrieve transports and their trailers. Snow and ice can also cause issues with air brakes not engaging properly which may cause a transport to fail to stop or not stop quickly enough.

No matter the circumstance or season, we have the equipment that is able to tow your transport back on the road, and even provide professional diesel mechanic repairs if needed.
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Trusted Heavy Towing For Over 25 Years

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If you’re still unsure, just hear from our valued and happy customers we’ve helped in a pinch!
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Your Heavy Duty Towing FAQs Answered

What type of vehicles require heavy duty towing service?

There is a range of vehicles and equipment that may need heavy duty towing and recovery services. These include transports, plow trucks, cube vans, motorhomes, dump trucks, and 3-ton trucks. In the Woodstock and Grand Falls area we have even yarded tractors and heavy equipment.

Will heavy duty towing and recovery cause damage to my transport and trailer?

We use our years of experience and every possible method to keep your rig from damage during heavy towing or transport retrieval. We always use the safest method with the least likelihood of damage to our client's tractor trailer. Although we are seasoned professionals, there is always a chance a transport or trailer may move the wrong way.

Do you need a transportation of dangerous goods certificate to tow TDG transport loads?

Recovering tractor trailers hauling dangerous goods is a task for the experienced and certified heavy towing operators. These are often dangerous situations with the chance of explosions or environmental contamination. T&T Auto heavy duty towing is TDG certified and experienced with these delicate situations.

How can I stay safe during transport heavy towing and recovery?

Make sure you listen to the towing or recovery operator, they are the professionals. Stay  out of the line-of-fire because rigs have been known to move without notice during a tow. This may also cause extra tension on winches and cables, possibly overloading the capacity and snapping the cable, shackle, or hook.

T&T Auto Is Your Top Heavy Duty Towing Choice

We know transport breakdowns and running off the road can be frustrating and always seem to happen at the worst time. That's why you can rely on T&T Auto Heavy Duty Towing for help. We have served the greater Woodstock, NB and Grand Falls, NB area for over 25 years, we have seasoned and experienced tow truck operators, and we know how to retrieve equipment safely. We have the full range of services long haul truckers need when they're away from home, and we have built lasting relationships with our local heavy truck drivers. We're personable, reliable, quick to respond, and make sure to treat every customer with the highest service.

Next time you have tractor trailer troubles, be sure to remember T&T Auto's range of services to get you back on the road. Whether its engine, transmission, blown tires or brakes, becoming stuck or ending up in a ditch, we will be there and ready 24/7 for heavy duty towing.
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